Just wanted to to a quick follow up on the Cavern Blog from this week.  As you may know, I do plan to shut down this website aspect of The Game Cavern.  I’ll now be sharing new trailers and news on the Twitter account solely for those that want to keep up with that content more easily.  This means I won’t have many posts showing up here until the inevitable nearing shut down.

What you can still expect this week is a review, a round up of The Game Awards trailers (will also be tweeting these trailers out), and the rest of the Smash blog update posts leading up until Friday’s launch.

I’m still in the process of deciding how The Game Cavern will move forward, but it will likely involve the Youtube channel for video content and possible casual streaming.  As mentioned, the Youtube channel content had much better viewership and interaction back when I was more active with it so it makes more sense to shift my focus and effort to that.  I still like keeping up with all the trailers and game news though which is why I’ll still be sharing that on Twitter.  Using Twitter will make it easier for me to share a lot of content and it won’t cost me a dime too which is certainly a plus.

It will probably take time for this transition to fully be in motion, especially with the holidays right around the corner, so hopefully I’ll be running smoothly in a new and organized fashion sometime early next year.