Developer Phoenix Labs have revealed their free-to-play Monster Hunter inspired title Dauntless will be entering closed beta next month on May 24.

“The Phoenix Labs team, after years of development, is proud to announce that Dauntless will enter Open Beta on May 24th, 2018! More than 100,000 Slayers have begun forging their legend in the Closed Beta, and now more than 800,000 Dauntless account holders will be defending the Shattered Isles from the Behemoth onslaught.”

Those anxious about wipes should know that two full wipes are currently planned before open beta.  The first will come on May 2 and will coincide with a major game update including new progression and the Evergame, Dauntless’ unique spin on endgame.  The final wipe will happen on May 22 in preparation for open beta.

For those that spent a lot of time progressing in the beta, Pheonix Labs does plan to reward you cosmetically so stay tuned for more details on that.

Source: Official Website