EA announced they would be acquiring Respawn Entertainment, the developer responsible for the Titanfall series, which EA handled the publishing for.

We already have an idea of the studio’s future plans too considering they are hard at work on one of EA’s small handful of Star Wars titles in addition to their recently announced untitled VR exclusive shooter.  Unsurprisingly, they also have a new entry in the Titanfall series in the pipeline.

“We started Respawn with the goal to create a studio with some of the best talent in the industry, and to be a top developer of innovative games,” said Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn Entertainment. “We felt that now was the time to join an industry leader that brings the resources and support we need for long term success, while still keeping our culture and creative freedom. EA has been a great partner over the years with Titanfalland Titanfall 2, and we’re excited to combine our strengths. This is a great next step for Respawn, EA, and our players.”

This news will of course be met with skepticism from many considering the fact that EA is notorious for milking studios for whatever they can, then disposing of them with no second thought whenever they feel it’s fit.  The most recent victim was Dead Space series creator Visceral Games, who EA wasn’t satisfied with the direction of their Star Wars title which resulted in them giving the studio the axe and moving the project to a different team.

We hope things take a more positive path for Respawn though as I’m personally interested in their VR game and hearing more about it.