It appears Bungie has been listening heavily to Destiny 2 fans and have laid out their 2018 plans to bring the game into a better direction that they hope will please current and future players.

The first changes will be coming as early as this month on January 30th with the addition of Masterwork Armor drops, which function similarly to the recently added Masterwork rarity weapons, as well as adjustments to raid drops to make them feel more unique and rewarding.

The updates will pick up again in February with additions such as Tower text chat on PC, a full rework of the mod system, the helpful addition of being able to see fireteam members on the map, a system to reduce the amount of duplicate exotics received, and more.

Players can expect a plethora of big changes during Spring as well, which is when the next expansion is planned to launch.  Free new updates for fans separate from the expansion include and a new Crucible progression system, private match options, a 6v6 playlist, more endgame opportunities for players outside of grinding XP for Bright Engrams, multi-emote, increased vault space, PC in-game clan chat, Masterwork Exotics, and much more.

Be sure to check the official post for all the details.