A Japanese stream event detailed what fans can expect for the future of Final Fantasy XV, including the fate of the previously announced DLC.


  • Game Director Hajime Tabata has resigned from his position at Luminous Productions and Square Enix
  • 3 of the 4 previously announced DLC episodes are being cancelled.
  • Production on Episode Ardyn continues.
  • Takefumi Terada will serve as Game Director for Episode Ardyn
  • Episode Ardyn launching March 2019
  • New animation in production currently to serve as prologue to this episode.  Will be shared before the episode launches.
  • Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Comrades stand alone version launching December 12
  • 10 new bosses, new weapons and costumes.
  • Old version of Comrades will be shutting down.  Previous owners get the new version for free.
  • PC version will not have a stand-alone version.  Updates will come to the version that is currently playable.
  • $9.99 purchase for PS4/Xbox One
  • FFXIV Collaboration announced. December 12 in FFXV.  Unknown time in FFXIV but its in the works.
  • Fight Garuda in FFXV and meet up with a new Miqote character.
  • Earn some Glamour gear for all the characters.