I recently purchased the Indie Debut Bundle 8, which contains a collection of games currently awaiting to be greenlit on Steam. With access to this new collection I thought I’d start doing Greenlight Spotlight features on some of these games.

One of the games that intrigued me the most in this collection was called Hero Siege. It’s an old-school style roguelike action RPG with elements of several games including Diablo, Binding of Isaac, and Gauntlet.

When first starting the game I found myself checking out the shop rather than hopping into the main game. I noticed several vanity headpiece items to choose from, many of which were referencing other games which was a neat little touch. Also in the store were items you could purchase to give you a boost on your next game session. The items are purchased with a special crystal currency that you earn through achievements and major boss kills. You start off with a good amount of this currency though so you are free to pretty much buy any customization you want at the start. In the final version I think the developer should make several vanity items that cost much higher amounts of crystals so you have to earn them through gameplay. The game is also on mobile devices so I’m assuming you start with less crystals on those versions and have options to buy them with microtransactions. I’m glad that did not carry over into this PC version.

After my short time in the shop I headed into the main game looking like Link from The Legend of Zelda series. I could choose from three different starter classes to play as that cover the basic roles of melee, magic, and ranged. I went with the fire-tossing Pyromancer class. After that I chose to head into Act 1 on Normal difficulty. Nightmare and Hell difficulties are unlockable as well, which is a direct nod to the Diablo series.


The game controls similarly a twin-stick shooter, although you are stuck in oldschool RPG style 4-way movement limitations. Being a twin-stick shooter, if using a controller the left stick will move your character, while the right stick will aim and fire your attacks. You will be facing wave after wave of enemies, sometimes finding chests and other goodies. As you kill enemies you earn exp to level your character up, which is a permanent upgrade to your character between play sessions. You are able to put in a couple stat points as well as a skill point towards neat chance on attack effects and other abilities.

Sometimes between waves you may see certain objects appear. Often they are chests or shrines which funcion very similarly to the Diablo series giving you a temporary buff. You have to gamble if it is a Devil Shrine though because it just might kill you if you are unlucky.  In the case that you do die, you have to start all the way back from wave 1 on that Act losing all the item upgrades you found.


One of the random appearances which I thought was really cool were these underground dungeons that could open on the map in random spots. When delving down into these dungeons you are presented with a short dungeon to traverse through, which sometimes has a small puzzle to solve, usually involving switches to hit or buttons that you have to push blocks onto. At the end of the dungeon you face a small boss and are rewarded with an item.

Items in the game work very similar to Binding of Isaac if you have played that. They provide different effects such as a passive stat boost, a minion that helps you in battle, or a new cooldown ability to add to your arsenal. You can essentially hold an infinite amount of these items unless it is an on-use one as you can only hold one of those at a time.


Also while playing you will find a lot of random colored potions. The colors don’t actually mean anything though and each potion you quaff is a gamble. Most of the time it will be a stat boost, but other rare times it may lower stat or poison you. All the potion quaffing combined with the inifnitely stacking items allows you to become a devestating force. The last time I played I had a pretty long session and my pyromancer reached a point where he was firing an amazingly fast stream of fireballs that quickly tore through the hordes of enemies.

I really enjoyed the simplicity of the game as it is makes it easy to hop into when your bored. It has a similar addictive quality to games like the Binding of Isaac and Risk of Rain. I look forward to trying out more classes and see what other goodies I can unlock for future runs.

If Hero Siege looks fun to you I’d suggest voting for it to be Greenlit on Steam and maybe even purchase the new Indie Debut Bundle 8 as it comes with the game as well as many other possible gems. It’s a great value especially for the day when they become Greenlit and you can add to your Steam collection.