VR first-person shooter Gunheart has now come even closer to being Destiny VR with the addition of a new loot system that allows players to collect new weapon mods, cosmetics, and cash through new loot eggs that can be received as drops or from completed missions.  That isn’t all though as there a small handful of other changes that should make for a better experience across the board.

Update Contents

  • When you go on missions, you’ll have a chance to score random loot drops by killing monsters and completing missions. Loot drops will come in all the standard varieties: common, rare, epic, and legendary, but what you do with them is the fun part…
  • We are busting the weapon modification system wide open. We’re adding dozens of mods that can be snapped onto pretty much any weapon in pretty much any combination. Every weapon will also have purchasable slots that will allow for ridiculous mod combos.
  • We’re adding the much requested “dash jump” locomotion option. This will be an opt-in option for those who doing like teleporting.
  • We are boosting the power and balance of the combo weapons a bunch and instead adding limited ammo which you’ll be able to pick up in ammo crates.
  • We are changing the revive system to have a limited number of lives per mission rather than having to pay your hard earned pal-bucks for the revives.
  • The AI is getting a lot smarter… Most notably AI will now lead you when you strafe, so you’ll have to more actively take cover in a fight. They have also gotten a lot better at taking cover themselves.
  • The Anthromite Dropship learned a bunch of new tricks, and will be a much more devious enemy (it now has lasers, bombs, cannons, and the ability to chase you around the map).
  • Lots of new polish and bug fixing on everything!
  • More servers! We’re now rolling out a dedicated server group based in Sydney.

I just recently posted my current impressions of the game in Early Access, and this update actually answers one of my major requests to have some kind of loot system.  I’ll have to make another video briefly showing off the new features as my recent video was unfortunately recorded just prior to this update.

I think this addition opens the door wide open for replay value as now that the system is in place, it will likely be easy to add additional loot to hunt down through future updates.  I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.