An epic movie-style trailer has arrived for Kingdom Hearts III designed to pull in both fans new and old.  The trailer’s arrival also marks the special occasion of the game going gold.

Are you new to the Kingdom Hearts video game series, or have you followed Sora’s epic journey from the very beginning? Either way, everyone is welcome and needed in the battle ahead! If you’re new to Kingdom Hearts, this trailer shows the terrible threat we face. The Disney and Pixar worlds are in danger of being swallowed in darkness. Only by uniting together will we stand a chance! Join the Keyblade wielder Sora as he travels across the Disney/Pixar universe and meets familiar faces across familiar places in order to fight against the Heartless and darkness brought forth by Master Xehanort.

The long-awaited sequel is set to launch early next year on January 25 for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.