Metal Gear Solid V spin-off game Metal Gear Survive has officially launched on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the PC version following tomorrow evening.

Metal Gear Survive includes both a single-player campaign and co-op options set in a alternate timeline where a large worm hole appears during the attack on Mother Base which is a gate to another universe full of zombies like creatures and harsh conditions.  As the player you’ll create your own character who will be tasked with surviving in this alternate universe by completing missions, building and managing a base, and working alongside others to collect a valuable resource known as Kuban Energy.

Konami also detailed upcoming plans for the game which starts off with a launch log in celebration bonus and will include substantial new pieces of content in March.

March Content

– Adding a new difficulty level for Daily Missions (Hard)
– Adding a new difficulty level for Weekly Missions (Hard)
– Adding a new type of mission in CO-OP
– Adding a new event: CO-OP mission with a new rule
– Adding the possibility to change some of the in-game controls
– Changing the personal score calculation so it takes the digger acceleration into account