MyNintendo users have been long awaiting the Nintendo Switch rewards for the program and what they entail and Nintendo have at last announced their plans for them.  Rather than specific rewards or discounts, they will be allowing users to spend Gold Points towards purchasing select digital content.

Those who aren’t familiar with the program it keeps track of digital and physical games you purchase, awarding Gold Points for each game.  A second currency, Platinum Points, are also obtainable in a variety of ways that don’t require purchasing anything, however the prizes that can be redeemed with it are typically not as in demand as well.

The Japanese Gold Point to real life currency conversion was revealed to be 1 Gold Point equals 1 Yen, so we can assume to keep things simple they will do 1 cent for the conversion in the US.  This results in a minimal discount for the average user, but I imagine die hard fans that have been filling their Switch library to the brim might just be able to afford a free new game through the updated program.  It is not required to have the full amount of coins to purchase an item either, you can spend what you have and then cover the remaining balance with real currency.  Also, keep in mind that points expire the following year on the last day of the same month you obtain them.

This new spending option will be arriving sometime early next month, which thankfully should be just in time for anyone that earned points for anything when the Switch launched last year.