Oculus has officially unveiled their previously announced budget priced stand-alone VR headset, which is now known as the Oculus GO.

While fully-wireless VR is nothing new, a completely stand-alone package that doesn’t even require a mobile phone is treading onto new territory.  The headset is priced at just $199 too, making it the one of the most affordable forms of VR currently.

They also shared an update on their Santa Cruz headset, the codename for another future stand-alone headset which supports full-motion control with revised versions of the Oculus Touch controllers.  This video update specifically focused on these controllers.  Their ultimate goal for this project is to provide a close to PC VR experience in a stand-alone wire-free package.

For those interested in their currently available VR package, the Oculus Rift w/ Touch Controllers, you may be happy to hear that the price of that is dropping permanently to $399.  Also be sure to check out the post detailing the major update to the VR headset’s dashboard software which includes many new convenient and fun features.