As promised Rockstar Games has shared the first actual gameplay video of Red Dead Redemption 2, giving a new perspective peek at the upcoming prequel sequel.


  • Populated cities with various characters
  • Gang forced to flee areas and sets up bases in new locations.
  • Play games, chat, and more with fellow members are the base.  Considered family to Arthur.
  • Get to know every member of the game personally.
  • Living world that responds to player.
  • Melee attack
  • Talk your self into or out of trouble
  • Form friendships and make enemies with strangers
  • Actions have consquences
  • Decide how honorable Arthur is.
  • Shooting and fighting improved
  • Every weapon has unique characteristics with realistic reload and recoil
  • Improved horse bonding system
  • Some horse breeds better suited for certain tasks.
  • Hunting returns and you can help out your camp or sell the loot.
  • If you wound an animal and it gets away you can track it down.
  • Next video will cover many new topics.
  • Deadeye system returns