A rumor has surfaced recently which has potentially revealed not only the mystery developer behind Metroid Prime 4, but also that Ridge Racer 8 would be heading exclusively to Nintendo Switch.

The news comes from Shawn Pitman’s, a lead designer at Bandai Namco Singapore, LinkedIn account.  Under experience he lists his current position at the company and a few of the projects he is working on.

While Ace Combat 7 doesn’t raise any alarms as this is a game we all knew was a coming, the other two projects do come as a surprise.

First up there is a Unannounced IP which is a first-person shooter adventure game exclusive to Nintendo Switch.  Metroid isn’t a new IP by any means, but the rest does meet the description for what this sequel would be.  We also know that Metroid Prime 4 is in development by a new studio, which some questioned if they meant a newly created one, but I’m thinking it just means a studio other than Retro Studios, the team that helmed the first three entries.  At the same time it is possible that Bandai Namco is making their own game that meets this criteria, but I find it easier to believe that it is Metroid Prime 4 given its Nintendo Switch exclusive status.  Not many third-party developers are going to make an exclusive new shooter for the Switch unless it is making use of popular Nintendo IP.

Lastly there is Ridge Racer 8 listed in Pitman’s experience, a game we didn’t even know existed yet.  What’s also surprising is that it is apparently a Nintendo Switch exclusive.  If this is indeed real it further shows how buddy buddy Nintendo and Bando Namco have come in recent years, previously seen with their joint efforts on Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS.  This further proves that Metroid Prime 4 under development by them is a very realistic scenario too.

While many people associate Ridge Racer with the PlayStation brand due to the popular original and that E3 meme, the series has been all over the place platform wise and has even been on Nintendo devices in the past with Ridge Racer DS for the Nintendo DS and Ridge Racer 3D for the 3DS.  Ridge Racer 8 however, if real, will be the first main entry in the series to arrive on a Nintendo platform as well as be exclusive.  Main entries previously had been exclusive to arcades, PlayStation platforms, and even the Xbox 360 for one entry.