Kotaku has reported on a rumor that a Spyro the Dragon trilogy remaster is currently in development at Activision.  The first three entries of the game would get an extensive face lift much like we saw with the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy.

According to their sources, the game will be announced sometime next month and launch later this year during Q3 2018 which lines it up with the series 20th anniversary.  Like the Crash trilogy, this will apparently have a period of exclusivity on PlayStation 4 as well before possibly heading to other platforms in the future.  This still hasn’t even been made official for the Crash Trilogy, but recent rumors seem to hint it is coming to both PC and Nintendo Switch so perhaps those two platforms will be the same for Spyro.

This is a rumor that I find very easy to believe as the Spyro series not only held a comparable amount of popularity to Crash Bandicoot in the classic PlayStation days, it gained an entire new generation of fans with the Skylanders series in recent years.  Perhaps this is the reason the Skylanders series was put on a hiatus as no title was released during 2017 and we still have no word on a 2018 release either.

Stay tuned for more news on the Spyro Trilogy rumor.