A new video details Sea of Thieves fourth free content update titled ‘Shrouded Spoils’ which is set to arrive today.

Dare to Discover…

As a treacherous fog engulfs the waters, pirates can enjoy a variety of new features and improvements in Shrouded Spoils, the next free update for Sea of Thieves. Fresh hazards threaten unwary ships, but there are more riches to earn and more ways to build your legend. Greater risks bring greater rewards! Do you dare to discover what’s new on the seas?


The stakes are raised as impenetrable fog makes sailing a dangerous prospect. Even veteran pirates may think twice when they can barely see twenty feet ahead… there could be an ambush, hull-shattering rocks or simply a stray Sloop tearing through. Even familiar islands will feel inhospitable when the weather changes…


The waters hide other dangers too – be on the lookout for more Megalodon siblings of The Hungering One, rising up to avenge their fallen family members! Meanwhile, Krakens seem to be learning new ways to attack, growing bolder than ever. There is good news for budding monster hunters, however, as upon defeat these epic beasts will cough up the loot they’ve devoured over the last few months.


Emboldened by the shroud of fog, the skellies are up to no good again. Six Skeleton Forts have been freshly infested, each one packed with the vengeful dead, so now’s the time to sharpen your raiding skills. Though the skeletons seem ready for a fight, victory comes with an added reward – Ancient Bone Dust, a way to boost your reputation with the Merchant Alliance. Be warned, however: the skellies are packing an explosive new surprise…


It seems that there are some merfolk who wish pirates harm, for Cursed Mermaid Statues are appearing once again to threaten unwary swimmers. However, shattering them now releases the magic-infused gemstones within, which will be greedily accepted by all three Trading Companies, providing more ways to become Legendary.


Wondering if that’s a friend or a foe emerging from the fog? Keep your guard up because in addition to a new Skeleton Ship battle in The Devil’s Roar and more unpredictable behaviour for Skeleton Ships in general, a new Skeleton Sloop joins the fray! These nimble undead underdogs are on the hunt for careless pirates…


Shrouded Spoils also introduces further ways to express yourself with new ship customisations – capstans, wheels and cannons can receive cosmetic upgrades to ensure that your ship’s style matches your personal legend. In addition, time-limited Wailing Barnacle cosmetics will please fans of all things oceanic. The dangers of the Sea of Thieves may be ramping up, but so are the riches!