Virtual Fruitality

Game Title: Shooty Fruity
Developer: nDreams
VR (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PSVR)
Price: $19.99 (Launching December 19th)

What is it?

Shooty Fruity is a VR-exclusive coined multi-tasking shooter where the player is given a virtual job at a super market, scanning groceries at a cashier station while simultaneously dealing with an onslaught of fruit that has come to life.

When starting up the game for the first time I found myself in a staff room where I was introduced to my new job by a monotone character with a funny accent over the loud speaker who taught the basics.  Just in case I missed anything, some basic instructions were printed out on a sheet of paper for me which I was able to pick up and glance over.  Exploring around the area I was able to access an options menu through a interactive arcade machine, take a peek at a out of order vending machine, and head over to a station where I could check in for my first job.  Choosing a level involves grabbing a ticket on the wall and inserting it into a machine.  Before doing this you can also set up a loadout of weapons to assist in taking out fruit.

The levels I experienced all involved scanning groceries which were almost constantly flowing in.  A selection of weapons are also scrolling above you the entire time, with basic pistols constantly being available and the more advanced loadout selections being on long cooldowns.  I soon found myself with my first fruity encounter and opted to hold a gun in one hand while continuing to scan with the other, which is where the multi-tasking gameplay chimes in.  It becomes hectic fun as you progress and I can’t even imagine the insanity that comes in the game’s later levels, which can even change the gameplay formula up some beyond basic scanning.

Each level will have three challenges to optionally complete, typically involving scanning a set number of groceries and taking out fruit in various ways.  Depending on your level of success you’ll earn varying amounts of Juice which can then be spent at the mentioned vending machine in the staff room.  New weapon options will unlock steadily as you progress which extends beyond just guns, something I found out when purchasing a grenade from the staff vending machine.

How was it?

The game is easily something I’d recommend experiencing as the multi-tasking interactive gameplay was both intuitive and very fun as the chaos picked up.  There seemed to be a good amount of levels and weapons to unlock in the test build I tried for those concerned about replay value.  Unfortunately there are no multiplayer options, something I think would have been a great time in coop working together to handle groceries and the hordes of disgruntled fruit.  There will also be the obvious comparison to Job Simulator, which unfortunately I haven’t experienced so can’t comment much on, but this game has guns and evil fruit so I’m thinking it may be better just based on that fact.  It’ll set you back $19.99, making it sit somewhere in between the budget and premium VR price range.  It certainly looked and felt worth of such a price with the polished gameplay and presentation.

This is something I’d like to come back to at launch so perhaps I’ll be back with another round of impressions in the future.