These are a series of posts covering updates from the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Official Blog.  Since I’ve missed some of the initial posts, be sure to check the website for more content.

Today’s Gameplay Feature

Spirits – Spirit battles have various conditions that may remind you of the character you’re battling. If you manage to win one of these matches, you’ll get a chance to capture the spirit for yourself!

Today’s Music

You can now listen to Street Fighter II / Guile Stage. Even fans who have heard this song hundreds of times will find new nuances in this fresh version by Arrangement Supervisor Yuzo Koshiro.

In other Smash news, Masahiro Sakurai confirmed via his company’s official Twitter account that the game’s DLC character line-up has been decided and they will be moving forward with development of said decided characters.

We can also see that all five characters were chosen by Nintendo themselves.  It’s unclear exactly what he meant by this, whether it means the previous character poll isn’t influencing the choices this time or perhaps it means all five characters come from Nintendo’s own library.  A follow up tweet mentioning that they aren’t currently asking for fan feedback seems to hint it isn’t the latter, so don’t rule out the possibility of more third party characters just yet.