Armor Games may mostly be known for their popular browser-based games, but they have been known to dip into other platforms occasional, most recently seen with the reveal of The Adventure Pals.

The Adventure Pals is a 2D platform adventure game that sets you off an an adventure stop the evil Mr. B. who kidnapped your papa and is attempting to turn him into a hot dog.  Inspirations are said to include Adventure Time, Castle Crashers, Zelda 2, and Banjo Kazooie.

It is set to launch sometime next year for PC via Steam.


  • A Crazy Quest to Rescue your Papa – Who is Mr. B really, and why is he kidnapping old people to turn them into hotdogs? Only you can find out and stop his wicked plans, alongside your best buddies Sparkles and Mr. Rock.
  • Explore Along with your Pals – Explore a vast and bizarre world, taking you throughout five unique and vibrant areas, each filled with a high demand for rubies, love, and beating the heck out of baddies. You’ll need your wits and your chums along the way on this journey of friendship and beatdowns.
  • Make New Friends – The Adventure Pals is a mixture of lovingly handcrafted platformer levels, combat focused arenas, and RPG-like locations with kooky townsfolk who all have an interesting story to share. From an insecure whale with big dreams, to a bacon loving with an unlikely spouse.
  • Local Co-Op – Every adventure is better with a buddy… play solo, or with your bestie!
  • Big Bosses – Challenge the biggest and baddest bosses, featuring a tree, breakfast, vegetables, and more!
  • Best Pals – Explore a magical world with your trusty pet rock and giraffe who fight alongside you.