Small indie developer Ad Alternum Game Studios will soon be launching Orbus VR, something many consider to be a revolutionary game on the basis that is the first VR-exclusive MMORPG.  This is a genre which is been done to death for years with game after game struggling to stay relevant against the World of Warcraft giant and other major competitors such as Final Fantasy XIV.  Perhaps this launch can reignite new interest as it has all the right tools to make it the most immersive experience of its kind.

The game has undergone numerous testing phase prior to the upcoming early access Steam launch, fine tuning features, optimizing performance, and even adding a fresh new coat of paint onto the game’s art and textures.  The early access launch transition, which will be happening on December 15th, will come with a new wipe which is also planned to be the last.  This means Orbus VR adventures need to no longer worry about holding back if they wish to start spending a good chunk of their lives in this new untouched VR frontier (well, worry a little… don’t forget about real life responsibilities and relationships!).

The early access phase is planned to last between three to six months, during which time players can expect to see planned endgame features implemented.  This includes shard dungeons, which are essentially a hard mode of the game’s standard set of dungeons and raid content.  Early access players still have plenty of content to sink their teeth into though, including twenty plus hours of quests to journey through, nine zones to explore that span over 10 square kilometers, four five-man dungeons, four classes to level, crafting systems, fishing, and more.

Players can currently purchase the game through their website, but the game will be migrating to Steam at launch.  For $39.99 it provides access to the game for forever with no required subscription fees.  Future plans they said may include cosmetic purchases, but never anything pay to win or loot box based.  They also plan to have yearly paid expansion packs, however these will not lock original buyers out of the game completely, just the new content.

Will Orbus VR become the next big MMORPG hit?  It’s hard to say just yet, but it’s definitely clearing a path for the future of the genre which very well may be in VR.